i hear she's a real skank... (secret_bear) wrote in godsmack_baby,
i hear she's a real skank...

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well this is the first post in my community.this community is for news and stuff...well i'll leave ya to it and happy halloween!!
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i think it's great that you've got a community based for godsmack. they have to be one of the greatest bands in the world. if you're a really big fan, you should check out The Other Side, their newest. it's all acousitc and really great.
Godsmack forever!
Лючший из лучших...
hey saw you in the godsmack community and they kick ass you like 'em too so there for so do you

add me?
hey ppl just want to say " GODSMACK KICKS F***** ASS !! " saw them in concert on the 5th ,... it was soo freakin awesome \m/ :) \m/